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Софт для казино представляет собой набор возможностей, инструментов и функционала. В совокупности они делают игровой процесс максимально приятным и затягивающим. Современный софт обеспечивает качественным контентом, потрясающей графикой и увлекательным геймплеем. Не реклама и не красивая вывеска обеспечивает постоянный поток игроков и превращает их в постоянных посетителей, а именно правильно подобранный софт.

Сегодня программы для игровых автоматов стали намного доступней и для операторов, что позволяет оперативно и успешно производить мониторинг всех игровых процессов, отслеживать изменение. Офлайн эмуляторы и тренажёры игры в блэкджек. Всем привет, народ! Сегодня решил выложить эмуляторы блэкджека и, самое главное, анализаторы стратегий блэкджека. Всё это добро можно скачать по ссылкам ниже. Первая программа обычный блэкджек, а вторая намного круче и позволяет отыгрывать и проверять стратегии в блэкджеке.

0. Вообще очень много полезных программ для обоснования моих мыслей о невозможности выиграть у казино в рулетку. 2. Читать далее. Эмуляторы слотов Gaminator от Novomatic. Всем привет, друзья. Игровая платформа (система) это специальное программное обеспечение, которое можно установить на любой сайт, компьютер, игровой терминал или мобильное устройство.

Платформа позволяет запускать казино, покер-румы, игровые слоты, принимать ставки на спорт. С ее помощью осуществляются все финансовые операции: прием платежей, контроль ставок, вывод денежных средств. При помощи платформы можно проводить различные мероприятия для игроков, управлять маркетингом, привлекать новых пользователей.

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Спорт. Покер. Казино. Требования к игровым платформам. Настраиваемый дизайн. Жанр: Онлайн Оффлайн казино с открытым кодом. Данная система работает как онлайн, так и оффлайн, ресурсы игр и другие файлы хранятся на сервере на компьютерах клиентов нет ни какой информации.

Клиенты выбирают игру с браузерной страницы клиенты могут играть не выходя из дома, вход на под Логином и паролем. Платформа: PC Системные требования: Windows XP SP-2 SP-3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux. системные требования Минимальные, Вы сможете запустить данную систему на любом браузере и на любой системе, включая и андроид.

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  1. With this strategy, you will lose all, I have ever met 33 times all the numbers were in 1-18.

  2. Some strategies on YouTube can work if you apply one thing, and that’s will power. If you are going to the casino where there are actual people you can walk away with a win and comfortably walk away with a well over a good weeks wages in your pocket. playing online will never get you a fortune and they let you win on occasions just so you come back with your winnings and give it back to them and some. online games are made to win Money for programmer and I’ve never heard of someone making heaps of money from online gaming. I apply three strategies that I’ve found on YouTube and walked into a casino with money and walked out with 4 times more than I walked in with, there’s no need to spend hours upon hours sitting on your backside watching a wheel go round.
    Commonsense should be applied when going to a casino and one should be that you shouldn’t think that you are going to walk out a millionaire in one day cause it won’t work. Give yourself up to 4 hrs and apply the strategy of two you like best and play low till you get enough to increase your bet once you have made up to say 3/4 times of what you walked in with leave and come back the next or the day after. Apply this till you have enough money so that say once every 2 months walk in with double the amount and take it from there, you will find that you can win a lot of money this way but you have to use will power

    1. Exactly. The ones that say ya cant win are the people that sit hours/days trying to win the BIG ONE! All the while, If they just placed a few bets per week from their local casino and left with a couple hundred (weekly) to pay that mortgage.🤷

      Thats how you beat the casino!

  3. You need to put the most wining % between 66 % and more, to get the best result, but then you can also lose, not so mutch.

  4. Never place coins on computer roulette tables when tryin strategies.. The computer is very bias, and will always take ur money faster than an actual game… Instead, just spin the wheel without coins and do the calculations and progressions in ur head.

  5. You will lose everything one day, when it hits low numbers 10 time in a row, I have seen this from time to time.

    1. I have a near surefire strategy…. assuming you have 100k and only want to win 20% on every winning bet. Using the Martingale strat (doubling after every losing bet) If you start betting after x rolls 4 + times in a row [x being black/red, 1-18, 19-38, etc.] once x lands that 4th time, start betting on the opposite sequence, so black if x was red, etc. If you start at 1 dollar, you can bet 16 times in a row reaching a whopping max bet of 66k, totalling around 100k in total bets. If you lose FIFTEEN TIMES IN A ROW, your odds are 99.999999999999999999999999999999996% in your favor by the 16th bet…. thats a 0 followed by 34 0s and a 6 of you losing. Of course, this is just based on laws of averages, and base odds of the less favorable American roulette table, (seriously, prioritize European roulette tables, ur odds of winning are better). By doubling after every losing bet, once you win, you make a guaranteed 20% profit due to that winning bet. (Feel free to use the Fibonacci sequence and drop back to a previous bet every time you lose if you want to continue) This odds are low risk, high cost, medium reward.

    2. Low numbers 10 times in a row equals a chance of 1/2^10 which is 1/1024 (excluding 0) youd have to play roulette very often in order to see this from time to time.

    1. Statistically, you will lose 2.7% of your bet per spin. On average.
      Simple math.

  6. so,all roulettes are rigged!If they where not,i wood become a pro..!

  7. Cancel the middle? lmfao you will loose your House your wife cus people that bet like this are loosers

    1. Of course 2nd dozen has not bets placed on it, you can, but it change the total odds 🙂

  8. i think you should switch over alternately other wise the casino will never let you win.

  9. Just a question if I get low number when do I increase my bet after 3 low numbers

    1. @Goran Pavlović Youll win just enough to entice you to bet larger amounts. When that happens…BAMMMMMM! Watch how strange things get when you start upping your bets or chasing you loses. 😁

    2. @casino tek i feel like online casinos are rigged as fuck and therefore you can rarely win..?

    3. all roulette spins are random and unpredictable. but increasing bets can be a good way to recover previous loss, but always risky as well.

  10. You won 40 at the end. This all is winning at 50% chance and that is to less in this game of roulette.
    You need to get more then 50%.

    1. casino toad
      Smarter people have tried to beat roulette, and most have failed. The ones that win use faulty wheels, and prediction, based on laser or computer. Prediction after the ball has been released, and b4 it falls.

    2. Ive uploaded a video with a 59% chances to win a roulette spin. but then between paying and potential loss, the roulette always try to keep a mathematical advantage.

  11. 245k? This is your single win if you play like that. Please be aware that are people that will play like this and lose everything. Bye!

  12. Theres honestly no strategy on playing roulette I play all the time at the casino and I can honestly say I dont lose if I go in there with 100 bucks because I dont mind losing 100 bucks if I lose it then Ill walk out but I usually never lose the whole hundred dollars Im usually up most of the time or if I lose a hand or two Ill walk out and save the rest of my money thats how you actually win or stay ahead at the casino youre most likely always lose if you keep playing your profits

  13. i have learnt alot about money management, thank you. english is purely your second language 🙂 🙂 understandable thou

  14. You could be easily a little bit more unlucky when you double your bets and exhaust your balance. Almost 100% winning? Its total bullshit, my friend.

  15. he is not lying ..house has 5% edge so you.. almost win 100% and therefore lose

  16. hi guys i just want to warn every player.todady i saw 2 spins in one round at foxwood casino from Authentic gaming. i was playing here for hours 4000 euro no one 100 profit . the only number i could win 252 euro was cancelled and deleted from history.they are investigating this.i know the reaction already :sorry sir it was a technical ussue .you get very easy numbers to see but when playing they disappear.and no one at the table there just me and the same dealer for hours.these people dont get rest damn.the first spin the ball was almost settled in the 28 and suddenly the ball was spinning again around for ten rounds no untill it setelled in the 30.i have seen an whole spin and a half spin in one round.this is impossible i wich i could have the time to record it.believe me it was not lag my internet is fine .what they also often do is avoiding the round or cancell it if you have won..i knew their Blaze roulette was a controlled game but live tables too!this was for me the evidence to quit online gambling for good.i guess something went wrong when synchronizing the recorded video.i hope some one has recorded it .stay away from online gambling.
    no i am not saying this because i have lost.gambling must be fair.

  17. you have a 33% chnace of winning and a 50% chance of winning so if you do the maths i dont think that will make a 100% winning strategy

  18. Dreadful system and why play on this type of table. Straight to business without talking to much is good and your accent is easily understandable. Im sure I will like one system of yours soon.

  19. DO NOT ATTEMPT, Check your math… If you keep betting 10 € way on that roulette you would lose an average of 54 cents per round.

    EV=(12/37)*30+(6/37)*0+(19/37)*(-20)= -0.540540… and on american roulette it would be even worse.
    Switch to 20€, and youll lose 1 € per turn. And that would be on an ACTUAL roulette, which this is not, its virtual and therefore it can be programmed anyway they want it.

    This may encourage people to gamble, please keep in mind that if you win its a brief moment of luck, collateral damage to the casino; if you loose its what it has to be, because CASINOS FEED ON LOSERS, and FOR EVERY WINNING, SOMEBODY IS GOING TO LOSE AND COMPENSATE IT. How? Its just chance and maths. You never know whats going to happen at a certain moment, but you can calculate whats going to happen overall with outstanding accuracy.

    Ive found many videos of gamblers who just play a while risking their money until they get a good round and claim their strategy works, it seems more like a mecanism to justify themselves.
    These prove nothing, its just luck for a brief moment, and at any moment bad luck can kick you out of the game and ruin you.

    Please, keep away from gambling. Please. I cannot imagine how many teens watch these kind of videos and think theyre smarter than anyone else and start wasting their money.

    1. There is no mathematicalstrategy which can beat roulette on long term. Just short term strategy (with luck, of course) can makes the player win…

  20. True. This is not a good strategy to win. I can teach u all how can u win roulette.

    1. I have a near surefire strategy…. assuming you have 100k and only want to win 20% on every winning bet. Using the Martingale strat (doubling after every losing bet) If you start betting after x rolls 4 + times in a row [x being black/red, 1-18, 19-38, etc.] once x lands that 4th time, start betting on the opposite sequence, so black if x was red, etc. If you start at 1 dollar, you can bet 16 times in a row reaching a whopping max bet of 66k, totalling around 100k in total bets. If you lose FIFTEEN TIMES IN A ROW, your odds are 99.999999999999999999999999999999996% in your favor by the 16th bet…. thats a 0 followed by 34 0s and a 6 of you losing. Of course, this is just based on laws of averages, and base odds of the less favorable American roulette table, (seriously, prioritize European roulette tables, ur odds of winning are better). By doubling after every losing bet, once you win, you make a guaranteed 20% profit due to that winning bet. (Feel free to use the Fibonacci sequence and drop back to a previous bet every time you lose if you want to continue) This odds are low risk, high cost, medium reward.

    2. Yes teach me how to win!!! lol, no strategy can beat the roulette game on long term, just short term strategy can works sometimes… THE I can teach u all how can u win roulette is the worst useless comment Ive seen!!!

  21. Bet on the second and third dozen and you have a 70 percent chance of winning. If you lose on a spin double up next time.

    1. @Bobzilla TheKilla one time I tried your story idabel down each time…1 4 time times came rrr

    2. the problem with betting on 2/3 of the board is your profits are really low, and even doubling bets doesnt net anything, if you stick to your less that 50/50 odds and just bet on half the board, doubling always nets 20% of a bet once you win. (The Fibonacci sequence also works, netting less profit, but also minimal bets, helping you gauge the table youre at)

    3. I came up with this strat on my own, but it probably already has a name:
      Always bet on black….. literally.
      Wait for red to land say…. 4+ times?
      Then make a 5 dollar bet on black, if you lose, bet on black again with 10 dollars.
      Consistently betting on black with a doubled bet every time you lose, (hoping you have over 2 grand on you….) you can bet up to 9 times with this strategy, and at any point it lands on black… you make profit. Guaranteed.

  22. Good tips. Also, one way to help you decide which dozen to play is look at the hot numbers and the numbers on the screen to get a feel of how recent the hot numbers appear. When I started using that strategy I actually hit some numbers. 🙂

  23. you wont win with this bro. you can never with confidence higher your bet, since every spin is unique and does not take any history into account.

  24. Die sicherste (aber nicht garantierte) Art beim Roulette zu gewinnen ist, jeweils den Höchsteinsatz auf zwei Drittel zu setzen (bspw. auf das erste und das dritte Drittel) und den Gewinn (bei einer 66%igen Gewinnchance), wenn er denn eintrifft dann direkt einzulösen. Roulette ist wahrscheinlich noch das fairste und transparenteste Glücksspiel, was es gibt, vorausgesetzt, man spielt an einen mechanischen Roulettetisch. Wer aber länger spielt, wird feststellen, dass auf langer Sicht die Bank immer gewinnt, egal wie gewitzt die Spieltaktik aus sein mag. Gerade dadurch, dass Höchsteinsätze festgelegt werden, sichert sich die Bank vor zu hohen Verlusten ab und weist Manipulationen in ihre Grenzen.

  25. Lmao this strategy suks thanks for the laughs everytime u said unlucky roll which was most of the video

  26. Roulette is a game of chance with the odds favouring the Casino, Proof = they exist

  27. oh look first spin I win,oh 11 I win again 4 was a lost,28 black I win cus I doubled.8 blk i trippled and on 18 red I trippled on 31 i rebet 1 doller on 18 numbers plus red. and so on this how to bet

  28. All roulette is rigged now. Any system can show and would show a profit on a short term basis. But the whole industry is crooked, and the ball always finds the losing number(s). Try with real money!

    1. If the casinos played an honest game. Strategy players would put the roulette wheel out of business quickly. I’ve watched many YouTube vids on strategy and staking plans and most have merits. However, when you win (especially online), it’s because the casino is after a bigger player. A couple of spins later they clean you out. I’m not criticising your video. Thank you for your reply

    2. this is one of the most low risk strategy. of course roulette has its own mathematical advantage and will always beat the player, but short term strategies can work, and this one is an easy and not too risky one.

  29. I dont gamble, but most times its just how slow you can loose money. Say if I had however if I did want to waste some money on holiday, Id have $2000 , and would want to make $50 a day ,my best chances, first spin $50 on red or black, if I win I walk away, if I lose , I bet $125 on black or red. By decreasing the amount I want to win, I increase the number of turns on red or black. By also making sure I make $50 on the same turn, I decrease the turns needed to win. Also Id do it in a casino, more chances for real randomness.

  30. I ran this on my roulette game app ROULETTIST- I spent a total of 9 hours playing this strategy. The people that say this strategy is a loser are most likely Martingale buffs that don’t realize on a $1000 bankroll, you baby step your increases- On a loss, I wouldn’t double (except the first increase). I bet $10 bets on a $900 bankroll on an American wheel. I was too aggressive on the Martingale and realized I couldn’t simply double in real money. I increased my bet by one unit on 19-36 and 3rd Twelve. I went from $900 down to $220 because I doubled- changed to smaller increases and brought it all the way back to $900 and called it quits when I hit $2650. The beauty of this strategy is you can even play NUMBERS- no more than 2 or 3 once you’re comfortably “up”. This isn’t one of those mindless martingale oh well I blew it strategies. You’ll survive just fine with one unit per bet increases on 19-36 & 3rd Twelve. The odds are always against you BUT the eventuality of the wheel coming back around to that 1/3 of the board is in your favor. Be patient! This strategy is a money maker! I owe this guy a glass of VIN!

    1. This strategy is a low progression system, low winning or losing. Its a good and safe strategy at my own opinion, and not too risky.

  31. Im sure there is a drain outside your home , you should throw in there it would be quicker and the same result.

  32. Made $800 in 5 hours using H.W.A Phoenix Cloud. Am recommending every trader to make use of Headwayanalysis Cloud platform.

  33. every spin is 50/50. With a zero also even worse. it is impossible to beat roulette. Dont try it!

  34. FOR ALL THE PEOPLE : GET YOURSELF 10-20BUCKS , pick 3-4 numbers and place 5bucks each . If you lose thats it and come back next week , if you miss 5 times total you lose 100bucks , next time u hit , u win 180bucks. There is no risk-free roullete strategy , play for fun

  35. 100% lost all if run a long time, even you start from $0.1, with this strategy, Game over at the end. I have seemed 33 time in a row-no 3rd dozen !!!be careful

    1. He was one spin away from losing all his money twice, i think he is an addict?

    1. @Bobzilla TheKilla By the 16th bet your odds are the same as the odds you had on the first bet, as the 2nd bet, as the 3rd, ect.. missing numbers/colors never changes the odds.

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    3. Nice Video clip! Apologies for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you tried — Mahorrla Earning Gamble Method (Sure I saw it on Google)? It is a smashing one of a kind product for making money with a proven roulette system without the normal expense. Ive heard some great things about it and my friend Sam at last got amazing results with it.

    4. @casino tek It is effectyve if, combine all strategies and have stop win and stop loss at session

  36. Big props to the creator of this video. The guy actually tries really hard, talks using a 2nd language, and is involved in the comments. You guys need to be more understanding lol. *although this strategy sucks XD*

    1. Hi, at my own opinion this strategy is a good one. It can works well (usualy, but unfortunatelu not everytime)

  37. at least u explain what yr doing. most youtube vids seem to be just random betting + annoying music. and theres even some Romanian guy selling his system for €5000 😅

    1. Fun fact — random betting gives you the exact same odds of winning/losing. Simple math, really.

  38. what works for me is playing the martingale strategy on sharkroulette

  39. the best winninh stradegy. is to only pick 1 number for the whole game. if u get that number then its jacpot

  40. Try betting on 1 on 19 through 36 one on 12 through 24 and one on 24 through 36. 14 ways to lose 18 ways to win and you tie the other six ways when you win you win 2 when you lose you lose 3 then you can vary your bet to compensate for that three loss

  41. calculate the expectation of your profit it will come negative. meaning you will lose money in the long run? stupid video

  42. It is a very interesting strategy — but you do not explain why you sometimes double up and sometimes not!?!?

  43. youll never beat roulette — heres the math: E[R]=E[R1]+E[R2]+⋯+E[R100]=(−238)100≈−5.26.

    1. Crypto Maniac
      You can show me the math, 5.26/7.89 But the math that you show means nothing, prediction is done with a computer or laser, and gives the player a big edge, thats why they invented the new low profile wheels. Google it.

  44. This strategy will lose for sure. Not only will the house advantage wipe out the bankroll but also this bet selection is poor because it is completely random, whereas the roulette results are not. Get the roulette winner by Lee Tutor which has systems that win over 95% of the time and which take advantage of both the dealer and the numbers that are spun.

  45. You play 18 numbers but only win with 12 numbers.Why not just put down on 2nd and 12 and 3rd and 12.If you loose,do not double up but times 3,because you played 24 numbers.Or go even further-Play 1-18 with 4 credits and put down 1 credit on numbers 19-24 ( 6 Numbers ) and 24-30 ( 6 numbers ) This gives you the opportunity to play 30 numbers,but win with 18 numbers and win back what you played on 12 numbers.If you loose,dont double up but times 4 to win back what you lost.This method works by playing small.

    1. Fahad Khan Well, it is true. There is no strategy to roulette. You will lose in the long run. If the math is too complicated for you to understand why, either stay out of a casino or just have fun wasting your money.

    2. Fahad Khan
      Right. I dont know why he would make a video of some bad betting system. Then say something like, some people win short time, daaah, no kidding.

    3. casino tek you’re honestly the dumbest person I have ever done across, I know with 100% certainty that you are a loser on roulette overall, I don’t even know where to start, so you can beat roulette short term? Why would you stop and how do you know when to stop? What happens after “short term” are you meant to not play ever again because you will lose money. By also agreeing you can’t win money long term you’re agreeing that you have no strategy and it is all luck.

    4. casino tek
      You better do your homework. People have beaten roulette, but not by lame brained betting systems.

  46. I hate to tell you but this is not a an almost 100% winning strategy if it was the casinos would take away the 1/3rd odds. Please any young gulliable people dont try this